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“In Poland you are with your family the whole time”
“Where are you from?” Norway “No, I mean where are you really from?”
“Chopping, mixing, scraping, humming.
I smile thinking about the sounds of you making food in the kitchen.”
“Mama, any place with you was our favorite place”
”The moon shined so bright the night we fled”
“I don’t miss much but I do miss the tomatoes. Sweet like candy.”
“My parents work in Norway to earn more money and give more opportunities to me and my brother”
“I think of all the different dishes of food my grandmother served with this, and then my mother did the same.
Both are dead now but my grandma’s spoon reminds me of home.”
“I had a dream of true love. I am fullfilling that dream here in Norway”
“All our floors were tile. Here, only the bathroom has tile.
All of the other floors are wood.”
“You gave me this old, broken book the day before I left. I haven’t read it but I think about our goodbye when I see it on the shelf.”
“We used to image what snow would feel like when we saw it in the movies”
“Do your parents speak Norwegian at home?”
My self-made, mini greenhouse on my 1st floor terrace 
My bookshelf in Norway
A foggy cold day 
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